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Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a method of authentication against multiple web applications including Office 365 and Azure. When users are created on an Office 365 platform a unique identifier is created that allows the user access to the respective service they are enabled for, similar to on-premise Active Directory.

Basic deployment, including an Azure AD tenant design and deployment, Site-to-Site VPN configuration, AD server provisioning, AD Site and Subnet configuration. Excludes Domain Controller expansion. Total (maximum) deployment hours: 15-Hours. Company branding applies to the Azure AD landing page only and is limited to 3-hours of essential configuration work.
1 Month Free

The benefit to this is being able to authenticate with the same identity without having to create user accounts for every application. An example of this may be:
•    I assign a user access to one of my Microsoft Office licenses
•    I allow that user to access the company Office 365 SharePoint site 
•    I allow the user rights to groups in the Exchange Online platform for access to rooms and distribution groups
What makes Azure AD even more powerful is the way that it allows for controlled access to additional third-party cloud applications, such as Salesforce, for a single authentication experience with the same identity without the need for complicated server and cross-platform authentication configurations. Additionally, this includes powerful features that can be enabled to reduce overall risk and provide essential reporting and alerts that may not have been available before. 

The offer requires the purchase of the relevent Azure license to be procured - Azure AD P1 or Azure AD P2 (depending on the requirements) There is also costs associated with the VM on which the service will run (VM). Annual license and consumption costs are around $222 for P1 and $254 for P2. Out of scope: Should you wish to expand on the options and include the integration of privileged access management as well as protection that is available in the Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2 then a dedicated scoping session will need to be carried out to ensure a successful understanding of the requirements as well as an impact analysis to ensure a smooth delivery.

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